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Blood Brothers

United by blood and the sea. Brothers Nacho and Paolo establish a powerful life bond expressed through their passion for surfing. Everything they are to each other finds its place on the board: pioneer and follower, mentor and student, order and temperament. Adult and kid.

Blood Brothers showcases the strength of the fraternal bond as Paolo begins to carve his own path, style, and decisions. Bound by a “connection” where both are each other’s emotional lifeline.

Directed by Diego Borges, and shot by Arturo Loustau in Tenerife, Spain, “Blood Brothers” documents the special bond between two brothers, their love for surf and the island they call home.
Born and raised in Playa las Americas, young surfer and junior champion of Spain, Paolo Giorgi and his half-brother and trainer Nacho Sebastia detail their complex relationship and their shared passion for the sport in this visually stunning short film.

“Blood Brothers” premiered at the 2020 Canarias Surf Film Festival, received an honorary mention for “best surfing” at the 2020 Swiss Surf Festival, and offers an intimate view of some of the best local surfing Tenerife has to offer.

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